June 6, 2020

A conversation with Strength of Soul Author, Naomi Raquel Enright

Recently, I had the honor to sit down with author Naomi Raquel Enright about her book, Strength of Soul. During our conversation, we discuss topics she addresses in her book such as, issues pertaining to racial and social justice, equity work in and out of schools, language, identity, and race. We also discuss how we can go about dismantling racism in our classroom through critical self reflection of both our pedagogy and ourselves. Last but not least, we speak about language identity construction and the use of  Spanglish and code switching. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation.


Link to book publisher 2Leaf Press

YouTube Presentation ("Strength of Soul" reading w/ Q&A)

YouTube Presentation 2 (Excerpt of Book Reading)

Photo credit: Adam Whittaker

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